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Necessary Trenching and Excavation Safety Tips From an Excavation Service Provider

Proper Trenching and Excavation Safety Protocols

You might think these cage-like structures are designed to support the walls of the trench, but that’s not actually the case. They are meant to help protect workers inside the trench in the event of a cave-in. Using a trench box is just one example of proper trenching and excavation safety protocols. What else can be done to improve the safety of workers during these projects? Here are some necessary trenching and excavation safety tips everyone should know from an expert excavation service provider.

Proper Tool Training

Trench boxes are one of the most important tools when excavating a site or digging a trench, regardless of size. But implementing them during a project may not be as straightforward as it seems, which calls for additional training. Even a minor mistake in the way the pit is built or the walls are supported can have disastrous effects. Construction crews sometimes take shortcuts to speed up a process or two, which could put their colleagues’ lives at risk.

Always Inspect the Paneling

Most trench shields come as panels, which are meant to be secured in place on the project site. Storing and maintaining these panels when they’re not in use is crucial to worksite safety. They should also be inspected before every use. Any structural damage should be repaired or dealt with accordingly, which may mean replacing panels or entire segments. During a disaster, that structural damage could mean the difference between protecting someone’s life or ending it.

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